Creativity in all forms….

ImageIt’s been a while since I last blogged and in that time I have been on data collection trips, presented papers and have been busy organising the upcoming ceramics conference ( On top of that, I have also been taking some time to explore my own creativity. I have to be honest, this is not strictly for my research, but as a means to look inward, do some soul-searching, and see what makes me tick. The more I have challenged my existing beliefs (that I’m just not creative, that I’m an academic through and through), the more it has dawned on me that just to be alive is to be creative. And the more I open up the possibilities and shake off the shackles of limiting self-belief, the more creative energy flows. I have spent much time painting, writing, singing, moving, all of which have embodied my creativity. Ironically, it is from detaching myself from more traditional academic methods of enquiry that I have gained the most understanding of just how important creativity is to all of us. Embracing that creative impulse and having a creative response to something feels good. It creates variety and stimulation. It can surprise you and come in any shape and form, in all areas of your life. Acknowledging it, letting it in and having the freedom for this expression is a platform for personal growth. Dancing with my creativity has allowed me to challenge my previous behavioural patterns. The world becomes more beautiful, ever-changing and above all, interesting. So that’s the beauty of creativity: it keeps us mindful of life. Such realisations make me realise just how important such a concept of creativity is for us archaeologists who are desperate to understand people living in the past. As a discipline we have a lot of work to do. We have a need to open up, embrace such seemingly ‘woolly’ concepts, not because they are easy to research, but because such topics open up more lines of enquiry and generate more questions that not only relate to people of the past, but also how we operate as a discipline.